Nova - The cute yet crazy puppy

This is our pup, Nova - she is an Alaskan Malamute x American Bulldog.

She can be very photogenic when she wants to be but we normally miss all the cute and funny pictures. She seems to have a sixth sense for cameras being used and stops doing the cute or funny thing immediately when the device comes out.

Cute Puppy

We have had her since April 2017 so she still is a crazy puppy. She is a very tipical large dog with lots of energy to spare - 40kg steam train or paper weight (depending on the situation) who thinks she is a Chihuahua.

Crazy Puppy

She also does the best I did nothing face. A good example is the new sand pit we got her. Within 10 minutes she started excavating sand from it - we mostly got it for this reason but her face was priceless when she realised we were watching.

New Sandpit

Very happy puppy, loves all the cuddles she can get.

Cute puppy face

She does sleep in the weirdest positions. I have seen her half laying upside down next to a wall once. Generally upside down seems to be the preferred position.

Sleeps upside down

She loves her ice (and recently found out she loves green beans…) so every time we get some from the freezer, she gets some as well.

Loves Ice

And for all the awwwws, this is one of her first photo’s when she came home with us. She was so tiny compared to her current size.

Cute Puppy